Emaan Inspection Pte Ltd

Company Profile

Company History

Emaan Inspection Pte Ltd started as a sole proprietor in 2001 and the company was later incorporated in 2008 after seven years of inspecting pressure vessels and lifting equipment. Its directors are Mr Mohd Kahliab Bin Zainal Abidin (CEO) and Mr Azmi Bin Abdul Rahim (Director of Operations). Emaan now provides inspection of pressure vessels and lifting equipment, design and endorsement of mechanical calculations and construction drawings of pressure vessels and lifting equipment; surveys (fabrication, repair and piping) and consulting services.

Our CEO is an Authorised Examiner (for Pressure Vessels and Lifting Equipment) with the Ministry of Manpower; a First Grade Steam Engineer; a First Grade Internal Combustion Engine Engineer; and a Workplace Safety & Health Officer.

Our business philosophy is:

a) to assist our customers to promptly register and professionally inspect their statutory equipment to ensure their safe use;

b) to develop and empower our staff to exercise initiative and creativity in their work;

c) to forge winning alliances with our stakeholders to increase their market share.

Mission, Core Values And Vision

To Protect Lives and Limbs of People through Advocating OSHE Culture

To Create A Safe World For Everyone

Core Values
While carrying out our work, Emaan will consistently uphold its business core values, which are:


Emaan Value Proposition

  • Good customer engagement & communication
  • Familiarity with MOM regulations
  • Inspect all categories of equipment
  • Prompt issuance of certificates
  • Updates, write-ups & newsletters to customers
  • Effective & efficient complaint resolution