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Our Services

We offer periodic inspection, audit, engineering consultancy and advisory services to assist you in running high performing, safe and reliable assets and systems.

Lift & Escalator Inspection
(Statutory Inspections)

Are you looking for an independent Specialist Professional Engineer (SPE) for your annual examination, inspection & testing of Lifts and Escalators?

Our inspectors are registered SPEs. Contact us for enquiry.

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Pressure Vessel Inspection
(Statutory Inspections)

Are you looking for an Authorised Examiner (AE) to register that new pressure vessel or is the MOM certificate for your pressure vessel expiring soon?


You can find our inspectors in MOM AE list. 
Contact us for enquiry.

Design and Endorsements

Grow Your Assets

We inspect your assets to ensure that they operate safely and meet statutory requirements. These include lifting equipment, lifts & escalators, pressure vessels, storage tanks and fire protection system.

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Engineering Consultancy

Expert Guidance

We assist you in understanding and complying with statutory requirements for your development projects in the discipline of mechanical engineering.

Surveys and Audits

Optimise Your Assets

We conduct condition assessments and audit the health of your lifts and escalators for safe and optimum performance to bring value to your assets.


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